Finding the Right Carrier

Traveling with a pet is easiest with the proper equipment. In fact, this equipment is necessary. Finding the perfect carrier for your furry friend is both helpful and essential to a success flight. Though airline requirements vary slightly, most require the carrier to be between 16 and 19 inches long (or less) and about 10 inches tall. Don’t try to cram a pet into a carrier that is too small, as it will create more stress. Additionally, note that your dog’s carrier will become your carry-on, so you may want to prepare to pay for one or more checked bags.


It is essential to get your pet accustomed to the crate or carrier prior to the trip. Leave it out around the house so she can explore it, and try to facilitate positive associations by rewarding her with treats every time she sits inside. Additionally, it may be helpful to simulate the trip by taking frequent, long car rides. Putting this work in before making the trip is sure to make your experience a positive one!


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