Pet Travel Courtesy—What You Should Do to Prepare for Fellow Travelers

Last month, people around the world boarded airplanes to travel home for the holidays. Some experienced pleasant flights with only minor discomforts; maybe you were seated too close to the on-flight washroom; maybe you fell asleep while the flight attendants passed out complimentary packs of potato chips. These occurrences may be annoying, but—when situated in the broader scope of holiday travel—they make for an altogether pleasant experience.

Others of us were not so fortunate. Babies (both latent and actively shrieking), odorous food, and—unfortunately—barking dogs boarded and surrounded unassuming passengers, waiting to reach cruising altitude before making their presence known. I was one of the thousands to be seated at the fulcrum of a screaming crucifix.

Though not much can be done to assuage a crying infant, pet owners can take preventative measures to silence their animals prior to boarding a flight. In a previous blog post, I discussed the presence of “Doggy Xanax,” but guys, please get yourself some Doggy Xanax. Alpraxolam is a sedative used to help anxious animals. Though most often prescribed for pets with general anxiety, this is a great way to keep your pet comfortable and nudge them toward a flight-long nap.

Moreover, the presence of your pet’s favorite treat and a simple first aid kid will significantly reduce your stress as a pet parent. Is Mingus, your laid-back calico, having a difficult time adjusting to the altitude? Sneak him a few of his favorite treats as comfort. It is important, however, to note the ingredients in your animal’s treat; avoid stimulant-inclusive treats, such as those laced with catnip. Want to provide relaxation and comfort in one go? Anti-anxiety treats are a perfect investment.

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