Choosing Pet Friendly Airlines

With the number of pets in the United States alone having risen by over 25 million over the last decade alone, you can imagine that pet friendly travel is becoming an increasingly popular concept. When traveling with an animal, things become much more complicated as you must first make sure that the companies you deal with and the hotels where you book your lodgings are friendly towards animals. The following will provide you with some useful tips for tracking down the most pet friendly travel options.

These days, traveling with a cat or dog is becoming much more common so, pet friendly travel hotels are becoming greatly in demand. As a result, more and more franchises are taking notice and doing their best to accommodate individuals who might want to bring a dog, cat, or some other type of pet along with them. Two examples of hotel chains that are particularly doing a lot in regards to this are Best Western and La Quinta. In most cases these companies will allow individuals to bring a pet with them for only a small additional fee. Special rooms are assigned in cases such as this so other patrons will not be bothered.

Naturally if you will be flying then it will be one of your first duties to track down the most pet friendly airlines. Although pet travel on airlines were very difficult in the past, you will find that the airline companies are for the most part, especially US airways, pet friendly. Not only are there many planes that will allow you to take a small cat or dog on board with you, but you also have the option of having your pet fly as cargo in a separate chamber that is temperature controlled, pressurized, and otherwise pet friendly.

In general, it is important of keep the following tips in mind if you would like to take your cat or dog along with you on your next vacation. First of all, it is crucial that you plan ahead and make sure you have all the pet travel accessories, so you will have as much time as possible to get all the kinks worked out. This is all the more important when you will be traveling during the holiday season or other time where traffic will be heavy. Next, it is always a good idea to book directly with a service provider. Third and finally, make sure that when making your arrangements you discuss the size of animals and breeds that are allowed. The last thing you want is to get an unfortunate surprise after it is too late.

You will find that your traveling experience will be much more enjoyable when you take all the necessary precautions for pet friendly travel. This will keep you from becoming disappointed or stressed during your next trip that you are planning to take a pet along for.


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