How To Travel With Cats

More families these days are taking pets along with them when they move or travel, but is long distance or international pet travel with cats really a good idea? For the most part, cats are best left in the home and do not usually travel well. Unfortunately, there are situations where moving them is a necessity and they don’t have a choice. The following will provide you with some important tips that will make travel with cats go a little more smoothly.

The first thing you should know about travel with cats is that it is going to take a bit of preparation on your part. One thing you should do early on is make your hotel reservations, making sure to find locations that are friendly and accommodating to animals. It can be hard enough to find lodging at the last minute without having to also find a place that will accept your cat, so make sure you take care of this. If you will be staying with friends or family make sure you first ask them if you can bring your pet along to make sure it is okay with them.

Cats are animals that get very nervous while on the road, so anything you can do to make them feel more comfortable and relaxed and give it a pet friendly travel experience is a good idea. One thing that is often recommended is that you give your pet a mild sedative before taking them on the road. This will help them to sleep and to become less stressed about their change in surroundings. Another thing that you can do to relax them is to get them used to their cat travel cages long before the trip. Make sure the carrier is large enough for your pet to stand up and turn around easily in and set it out for them so they can get used to it. You can help them along by placing some food inside.

When traveling, you should never keep your pet in the cab of a pickup truck where he or she will be exposed to the elements. Always make sure to keep your pet inside of the vehicle along with you. When packing your car, it is best to save your pet until last. In order to prevent any delays, keep your pet shut up in the bathroom or other room of the house with a litter pan. This will keep them from hiding the morning of your trip. If you are having trouble getting them in the carrier you can lure them in with food. Make sure that you have your pet’s documentation with you and the number of your veterinarian on hand.

Hopefully you have found this article on how to long distance travel with cats to be informative. Keep these tips in mind and you will be sure to have a good experience.

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