Online Resources for LAX Airport

LAX International Airport is one of the largest, busiest airports in the U.S. and the world—both for passengers and freight cargo. It’s got eight regular concourse terminals, plus a dedicated international terminal, the Tom Bradley International Terminal on the west side of the airport. Millions of people travel through the airport each year, many of whom are looking for special assistance, luxury amenities, and other airport services to better facilitate their travel experience.

If you’re one of these people and looking for basic information, terminal maps, and last-minute travel reports that you can trust, I would naturally recommend the official LAX International Airport website. However, over many years of experience traveling through LAX, I’ve also come to rely upon a couple different third-party website resources to help me find certain services.

  • A kind of sister/companion site to the official LAX website, I like the interactive parking tool and information map on Airport LA. It’s got one of those tools where you can immediately see each parking lot option via map of the airport and surrounding area. But then it’s also got individual pages for each airport parking company, so you can see the policies, costs, and services available at each place.
  • The official LAX airport website has maps with an indication of pet relief stations in each terminal. However, it doesn’t have a landing page where it’s easy to find the location of these stations in each and every airport terminal. For that, I would recommend the LAX Airport pet relief areas page from Dogs on Planes.
  • Whether you’re an importer/exporter or taking possession of a pet from someone across the country, you may have cause to visit LAX Airport Cargo. And more than just the general area of the airport, you need to know exactly where to go and who to call when you get there. Here is a website with basic contact information for airline cargo facilities that’s easy to find.

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