Pet Friendly Hotels Near LAX

The Los Angelos area has an endless supply of hotels. About 20 of these locations are considered to be pet friendly hotels at LAX but the number of options expands depending on how far from the airport you’re willing to travel for accommodations.  
Prices vary depending on how close to attractions you want to stay and how fancy of a hotel you want to stay in. Pet friendly hotels at LAX start at around $85 for a basic room but some of the more high-scale options can cost upwards of $350. A majority of these pet-friendly hotels are in the $100-$150 range.  
Pet policies vary depending on which hotel you’re considering. Most locations charge an extra fee per night to allow your pet to stay at their location. The fee tends to be around $10 per night on top of the base price of the room. Some have higher fees up to $35 per night per pet. Most locations allow no more than 2 pets in a room and/or have a weight limit on pets. There are more dog-friendly locations than what allow cats or exotic pets. Make sure your pet is welcome before booking if you’re unsure.  
There are plenty of places willing to give you and your fluffy friend a room for the night. Just make sure that you look into how welcome you both will be in a hotel before committing to a specific room. The LAX area has at least 20 hotels near the airport that boast being pet-friendly. Check the rates, pet fees, and the pets allowed to stay at the location then start booking your trip without leaving an important family member behind. 

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