Know the difference between traveling with pets and traveling with service animals

Know the difference between flying with pets and flying with service animals 
Are you interested in pet travel in and around Los Angeles and LAX airport? Then you need to understand the policies that apply. There is a difference between pets and service animals when you want to fly. 

Passengers have a right to travel with pets and service animals. The US Department of Transportation obliges airlines to offer flying services for your service animal. All airlines accept service animals owned by people with disabilities in the cabin. 

However, there are requirements dictated by the airlines. All airlines demand reservations and fees for traveling pets. Your pet can fly under the seat as a complimentary to your ticket, or you can pay for a service animal as cargo. Note that you should provide recent vaccination and health certificates (within 10 days of travel). See the restriction on the number of animals per cabin for your airline. 

You can have a Chihuahua or toy poodle in a carry-on bag approved by the airline, and fit it under the passenger seat. The pet should weigh less than 25 pounds. Crates for transporting animals as checked baggage or cargo should be large enough for animals to stand, lie down, and turn around comfortably. They should be made of sturdy plastic, ventilated, with a secure locking system, and labeled appropriately. On the other hand, the cargo zone is well-equipped for animal transport. 

Pets are usually limited to dog and cat species. Check the charges with the specific airline you have chosen. 

When planning your trip with a pet around Los Angeles, review the pet travel policies for different airlines before you make a reservation. Enjoy a family trip with your pet. 

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