About Traveling with Pets

The Savvy Traveler’s Guide to Flying with Pets

We’ve all been there: Your high school best friend decides to throw a last-minute girls’ weekend, but you can’t bear the thought of leaving Tiki, your year-old Papillon, alone for an entire 72 hours. Believe me—I know the struggle. How can you have fun with your girlfriends when you know your precious baby is all alone in a gigantic house? Luckily, traveling with your pet is easy with the help of a few well-placed calls and a handful of savvy tricks.


As I’ve gotten more experience traveling with Tiki, my trips to LAX have been easier and far less stressful. I’ve gone from a nervous wreck to waltzing through security like I own the whole airport! So, I decided to start a blog. This site documents helpful tips I’ve picked up along the way, as well as lists of questions you should ask yourself before booking that trip to Honolulu. Mostly, this blog will talk about flying with your pets, but I may talk about types of trips including long road trips and even sea adventures! I only hope that my extensive personal experience can help other pet owners!