Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Vet

I want to encourage all pet owners to do one thing before taking off: VISIT YOUR VET. Don’t want to make the effort to do your own online search. Just enter your zip code on this vet finder site.


When you bring your pet in for a normal exam, ask the doctor questions about traveling; they’ll likely have everything from carrier recommendations to a feeding schedule catered to your dog’s temperament. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for sedatives. Doggy Xanax exists, and it’s a real game-changer if you have a long-distance flight.

Cora’s ready for her visit…..

A veterinarian can also provide a health certificate. Though not all airlines require this piece of documentation on hand, it is helpful in the case of an accident or emergency. It doesn’t cost much, and it shows that your pup is healthy and up to date with vaccinations. Being over-prepared is better than not knowing how to handle an emergency.






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