Packing for Your Puppy

What you pack alongside your pooch is just as important as your carrier. Before jetting off, be sure you’ve packed these essential items; you and your pet—and, likely, your fellow passengers—will be glad you did.

  • Food! There’s nothing like kibble and a few treats to quiet your precious pet if he gets riled up.
  • Fido’s favorite toy. Avoid toys with squeaky and loud bits, instead opting for rope or chew toys.
  • A non-spill water carrier. Everybody gets thirsty, and the inside of a plane is one of the most dehydrating environments you can experience. However, you want to limit your pet’s water consumption, as—depending on the length of your trip—it could lead to an accident.
  • Throw your dog a bone—literally. Bones are the perfect in-flight snack for your perfect princess; she’ll be quiet, amused, and happy for the whole flight!

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